Tablet and Phone repair

Screen change

Charging ports/Power jack /camera replacement

Freezing or slow

Update error

Volume button and home button repair/ replacement.

Battery replacement

Spillage and water damage

lost or forgot password

Any other smart device problems.

Apple repair

Mac book/pro, iMac repair


Need to upgrade to latest ios.

Virus/pop ups

RAM upgrade

Hard drive change/upgrade

Screen cable and hard drive cable change.


We have "Apple Certified Associate" in our premises.

Laptop and PC repairs

1.Backlight Problems/Screen Replacements

2.DC Power Jack issues

3.Mother Board/ Graphics problem

4.Virus Removal

5.Antivirus Installation

6.Software Installation

7.Individual key replacement and full keyboard replacement

8.General  Servicing

9.What ever problem with laptops we fix it in Fixit Laptops


1.PC and Gaming machines assembly

2.power supply Replacements

3.Mother board repairs

4.Graphics problem

5.Software issues

6.Hardware issues

7.Everything related to Desktops  we fix it in Fixit Laptops

Gaming Console repair

Playstation/ XBox/ Wii/ DS etc any consoles

blue light / yellow light/red ring

HDMI or port error

Hard drive/System error

Drive/laser problems

NEED a Gaming machine ? need an advice?

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